Internet and Digital Media

Want to hire the talent that makes your business a unicorn in the world of social chaos? Our digital experts are fit for technology & your business needs. We too, work out of the box to find you the “right-fit”.

The world of the internet and digital media is fast-paced, tightly packed, and fiercely competitive. If you do not move with the speed, you might lag behind the competition and your customers will move to the next best. The Internet has made the world a global village which poses a great threat to multiple businesses. Innovation, smart tactics, attention-seeking, and creative software are what can make you stand out.

We as a staffing company that grows on technological advancements know what the backend of the internet looks like. We’ve got technological experts that find the suitable match, people who know how to crack the codes, find the sweet spot, and hit.

We can find you the best person if your roles revolve around IT needs, Customer Experience and Satisfaction, Project management, and financial support.


Retail and Supply Chain

Partner with us to identify your core retail requirements and reach your customers effectively. With our entry-level to directorial staffing aids, it’s time to be a rockstar for your customers.

The world for retailers isn’t limited to the brick and mortar model now. Other than worrying about customer experience, they need to improve on the digital landscape by utilizing new business models and ever-increasing technology. Marketing, inventory management, customer services, and human resources are a big part of the retail business. To be relevant, retailers across the globe need to have the best systems in place for a seamless buying experience.

Working with multiple big firms, we know the business inside out. We utilize this knowledge to build the staffing process for retail business. We efficiently manage talents and onboard them for roles pertaining to supply chain, marketing, project management, POS systems, E-commerce, and IT.

Financial Institution

Looking for a talent that obsesses over numbers? We’ve got you people who can give an entire shift to your business, just by using numbers strategically.

If you can’t mind the money, it won’t mind you. Other than managing an in-house financial crisis, there are multiple regulatory norms, demand for future innovation, and managing customer requirements. If you are a bank, an asset management firm, an insurance company, or any financial institution- you need to cut through red ocean simultaneity managing the non-discretionary guidelines. Be it related to control or process, monitoring instruments, creating plans for the market, or related to financial solutions through IT integration, we’ve got all kinds of experts.

We at ProgileTech follow a proactive approach and support your organization by aiding people for roles related to Marketing, Financial Advisors, Financial analysts, Project managers, Risk managers, IT, and customer service. Want to know more? Call us today!


Biotech and Healthcare

Create a team of top health professionals who utilize their human-centric approach for patient satisfaction. Insight in your requirements- fit roles- and, that’s all!

It’s your job to do best for your patients and it’s ours to find staff that makes it possible. The world of healthcare has witnessed dramatic changes- the customer more aware than ever, government rules, competition, and service differentiation. With a large inflow of work, bid data too is a headache. We understand your concerns and bring you the people with caliber and understanding of the industry.

We can aid your business in finding a solution to all these issues, while you focus on building healthcare. Be it related to patient care, project management systems, marketing strategies, or using technology to build faster systems and predict upcoming events- we cover all these roles for your staffing. So don’t wait, because good healthcare needs good employees.


You don't need to go in the dust to find the best match -We do it for you. So start your journey with people who can build your business!

Both local and global market challenges can be a hurdle for manufacturers. With credits being tight, severe competition, and in-house controlling costs and managing customer demands- just gets too much for any large or medium enterprise. We at Progile Tech follow a comprehensive approach that utilizes talent with business acumen to work for you. Our range of solutions covers key managerial roles, engineering, and quality, project managers, accounting and finance, and marketing communication.

Offering multi-dimensional hiring options, we take great pride in the fact that our people operate businesses in the best way and are loyal to their work. We are not just a hiring firm- we work on principles, guidelines, and a vision to be the go-to staffing company for any manufacturing firm.