Project & Program Management

Project & Program Management

As a leader in project management consulting, Progile is a niche services provider for organizations looking to get their projects on track. We provide the top project and program management expertise to technology and business leaders for managing their most ambitious projects. We build traction, implement transparency, and control overruns and delays to deliver the project on business objectives.

When you are responsible for critical projects, you want an experienced partner who can support you throughout each phase of the project. Progile has a track record for meeting and exceeding expectations and managing hiccups of every stage of the large projects.

Verticals we focus on:

  • Business & IT : Run complex business and technology projects. Hire a team within weeks instead of months.
  • Sales & Marketing : Create winning sales strategies, hire temporary teams, and run global revenue programs.
  • Data & Business Intelligence : Understand your customers better, implement technology and processes, and discover new revenue sources.

Services and Solutions:

A comprehensive service provider for Business and IT leaders looking to standardize project management practices and/or looking to hire other project management expertise.

Setup & Optimize PMO
Rescue Projects
Dashboard & Reporting
Project Portfolio Management:

When to contact us

Whether you are in the budgeting phase or implementation phase of the project, Progile can help you in every step of the way.

  • During budget discussions – if you are thinking about next years budget and you would like estimates
  • During active work – when you are about to start a project or in the middle of your project)
  • During operationalize – when you need to run audit or change from project mode to operations

Ease of engagement is easy and the client has full control over resources. Hire us to work on your projects on a time & material basis.

Ease of engagement, however, resource management is distributed. Hire us to work on your projects on a deliverable-based assignment with scope and change control in place.