Permanent placement

Find that unicorn for your team

Permanent placement or recruiting services

As a boutique recruiting service provider, we believe finding the right person for your team should include a blend of domain and industry knowledge and a servant leadership personality. We invest heavily in upfront analysis to understand the exact fit for your team and conduct extensive due diligence before presenting profiles.

Our core competency

  • Executive Recruitment Expertise – Our local executive recruiters are experts in attracting top talents from across the nation.
  • Domain Expertise – Due to our focus, we can dig deeper to understand the candidates’ caliber.
  • Low Turnover- We only had 2 people leaving within 12 months joining in our 50 placements so far.

Recently closed recruitments :

Below are the roles we recently closed
Director - Customer Experience
Supply Chain Program Manager
Online Fraud Prevention Manager
CRM Project Director

When to contact us :

We can work along with your recruiting team or directly with you to find the right fit for your team.

  • Unique Requirement – Looking for special skills?
  • Challenging Location – Looking to hire in a geographically constrained location?
  • Others – no in-house recruiting expertise?

20% of annual salary with a 12 months guarantee period. Within the 12 months, if the employee leaves your organization, we will find a replacement without any additional cost.

You are eligible to hire contractors without any fees after 6 months of the contract.