Managed Services

Looking for a partner to co-create custom solutions?

As an innovation-driven organization that delves deep into providing long-term business solutions, we aim to provide vision, strategy, and execution expertise that put you years ahead of your customers. By conducting a 360-degree analysis of your environment, we gain a deeper understanding of the market your performing in and define strategic and tactical level approaches that deliver superior journies for your internal and external customers.

Our Core Competencies

  • Project Manage – Industry-standard Agile approach with our unique flavor for accurate estimate, planning, and execution help set and manage the right expectations across the team.
  • Expert Team – Deep bench strength allowing us to continuously take on more complex projects with varied technical skills.
  • Project Communication – Visualization, periodic cadence, status reporting, and other administrative tasks keeping everyone aligned throughout the project.
  • Production Support – Cost-effective approach for upkeeping and continuously adding functionalities to the existing solution.

When to contact us :

We can work along with your recruiting team or directly with you to find the right fit for your team.

  • Ideation to Execution  – Need experts to help your document your vision, present a strategy for development, and co-create the solution?
  • Rescue Existing Project – Missed deadlines, upset business stakeholders, low confidence in your existing vendor’s ability to deliver?
  • Continuous Improvements – Need a fully or partially dedicated team to work on bug fixes and new features?
Progile Tech