Non Genuine License Conversion

Opportunity: Commercial value of unlciensed and prepeutal software is $100+ billion globally.*

Why does this opportunity exists: Mainly due to three reasons. First, buyers are unable distinguish between genuine and non-genuine products. Second, existing users are unware of the benefits of moving to the latest version. Finally, others can’t afford or nor inclined to pay for the real software.

Concequences: As a result, software businesses lose out on recurring revenue year over year and are unable to protect their intellectual properties.

Progiles Deliverable: Progile was hired to build structure for the coversion program which captured $50+ million of revenue over two years. In addition, Progile was responsible for building sales and customer experinces strategies with a team of 16 people.

Project Details

  • Category : Sales & Marketing
  • Client Info : Adobe
  • Date : Active Project